Privacy Policy

ProTravel Agency Ltd respects the importance of the privacy of its customers.

ProTravel Agency Ltd protects personal data administered by it in accordance with Law No. 9887, dated 10.03.2008, “On the Protection of Personal Data”, including identity, address, place, time of travel, stay and price and not disseminate the data to third parties without prior express consent of the client, with the exclusion of cases when it is obliged by law to provide this information to the relevant state bodies.

This statement defines the basis on which each client’s data is collected and processed. ProTravel Agency Ltd secures every customer that data arriving at BackOffice or that the client personally signs in the office are secured through a security system of the highest standards for the retention and further processing of these data and these data are only used to guarantee the reservation of the customer. These data are administered by certain people with limited access only to them. Any sales agent of a company that collects data on customers has a contractual obligation with the company to respect the personal data it collects during its work and observes some well-established rules for the care in the protection of personal data.
The following customer information is collected from the website:
a) Information provided by the customer in order to make the booking;
b) information provided by the client in order to be part of a contest that is advertised on the website, when it completes a questionnaire or when it reports a problem;
c) Details of bank transfers that the customer performs to complete a reservation;
d) If the customer contacts the agency staff, the staff can store the e-mail address.
ProTravel Agency Ltd uses a contemporary technology to protect the security and confidentiality of customer data as well as to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the electronic system. Our security procedures are constantly being upgraded with new technologies. The environment  servers and other devices are stored, are supervised with cameras and can only be accessed by the Administrator and the Director of Information Technology.

After registration every user declares that he is familiar and agrees with our Privacy Policy.

Data preserving and transferring
Data collected by the agency for book-keeping purposes and voluntarily left by the data subject may be transferred or stored in a country outside the European Economic Area.
Based on the contracts and agreements it has with global suppliers, ProTravel Agency Ltd will transfer to their database the data of the customers that reserve through the company’s online pages. ProTravel Agency Ltd guarantees the retention of personal data of its customers according to international standards, clearly stated in the agreements signed with these suppliers.
All the information collected by the agency will be stored on the secure servers of ProTravel Agency Ltd.
The data collected by the agency can be used to inform clients about the agency’s various offers.

Cancellation of data processing

The client has the right to request from the agency to be familiar with the information that may have been collected on him and then to ask for personal data not to be processed for marketing purposes or various reasons by e-mail or by a request addressed to the company contact address.

Consent on personal data protection

By using the ProTravel Agency Ltd website, the client gives his consent to the collection and processing of the data by the agency. Personal data will be stored for as long as is necessary according to the main purpose of their collection. Data retention periods will be fully in line with the applicable legal framework. Customer data is stored as far as necessary to guarantee service delivery. If you have any questions, concerns, requests or complaints regarding the use of this information by ProTravel Agency Ltd, please contact us at the following address or email:

Person Responsible for Privacy
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